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Goose, Cady, & Jenny

Hi, I'm Cady, and those are my dogs. 

I LOVE weddings. I love the planning that goes into a grandiose reception and the thoughtfulness behind an intimate ceremony. Every wedding is beautiful and unique in it's own way, and I love to be able to capture those memories so they are never forgotten. 

On your wedding day, everything goes by so quick. Photos are the perfect way to help you remember all of the wonderful feelings you had and relive the one of the biggest promises you'll make. 


I make sure to capture candid moments throughout the day, often times things that you didn't even know happened until you go through your photos. I also make sure to help you get the perfect portraits of you and your love.


Before the day arrives, I help you develop your wedding day timeline, so nothing feels rushed and you get to fit in everything you want to do on you perfect day. I am also available to help you answer any planning questions, like I said, I love to plan. (I always said in another life, I would have been a wedding planner.) 


If we sound like a good fit, please send me a message. I would love to get to know you and help you capture the moments you'll remember forever. 




Let's talk!


Talk to you soon!

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